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We can design and build the perfect deck for you using quality materials.

Want to transform your yard into the perfect place to relax and entertain? A quality new deck provides a flexible space that not only expands your living space but also provides the perfect place to kick back or host guests.

The experienced deck contractors at A1 Action Group Home Remodeling are here to help. We can install a variety of different deck types including ground-level, raised, or multi-level and we work with a wide range of different materials. All our materials come from leading manufacturers so you can count on a level of quality you can trust.

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Our deck design and building services:

  • Deck design
  • Deck construction
  • Deck repair & restoration
  • Deck railing options
  • Deck framing
  • Wood decking
  • Vinyl decking
  • Composite decking

What is the right material for your deck construction?

Vinyl Deck

Vinyl decking

Vinyl is a very flexible and low maintenance material.

Vinyl is a very popular deck option since it is extremely flexible and easy to maintain. Vinyl decking is available in many forms, including hollow extrusions and cellular (solid) products. Hollow extrusions are a popular option for both decking and railings. However, cellular products enable manufacturers to create decking products with a more wood-like appearance for those who want a more natural look to their deck.

Why Choose Vinyl: Vinyl decking products can be found in a wide range of styles including options that look like wood but without the downside of warping, splintering, rotting, splitting, or blistering. Vinyl can also be easily washed with a sponge, hose, or pressure washer. Overall, vinyl is a quality option that is very easy to maintain and yet still provides long-lasting quality.

Composite Decking

Composite decking

Composite decking can mimic the natural appearance of wood.

While vinyl decking is flexible, composite decking, aka engineered wood, offers even more variations. Composite can offer solid boards, hollow boards, options that are "capped" or "co-extruded" with a layer of PVC, and options without capping. Some options require multiple components for assembly while others are more like building with wood. The only consistent commonality is that they are all made with recycled fibers, plastics, and binding agents.

Why Choose Composite: Composite decking is pre-finished just like vinyl. Composites can also mimic the appearance of other materials, like wood decks, without the need for staining, painting, or regular maintenance. Dirt can also be washed off easily with a mild detergent and a hose. Composites are environmentally friendly, too and up to 95 percent of materials used in manufacture are from recycled sources including wood flour, rice hulls, and plastic containers.

Wood Deck

Wood backyard deck

Wood's natural appearance, versatility, and cost make it a popular option.

Wood is the classic deck material and pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine tends to be the most popular wood option. This is because pressure treated wood offers greater affordability and longevity than alternatives. However, cedar is the ideal choice for those interested in a natural look since it naturally doesn't absorb water and won't twist or split.

Why Choose Wood: Wood is flexible and can be crafted in a wide variety of styles and painted or stained in an infinite number of colors. It also costs less to install a wood deck than vinyl or composite, although wood does require maintenance. If the deck is properly constructed and maintained then it will be quite durable and will last for decades. Wood can also withstand high winds better and, unlike petro-based materials, wood, if sustainably harvested, is renewable.

Your local expert deck building contractor can handle all the details:

Siting: There are many considerations, including your home's floor plan, orientation to the sun and prevailing wind, landscaping, and utility locations.

Size and shape: Decks are often thought of as distinct outdoor "rooms." There may not be any walls, but your deck may need to accommodate a cooking area, a dining area, a spa area, and a lounging area.

Traffic flow: For decks upon which a variety of activities take place, it's important to plan for traffic flow.

Railing styles: Railings are often the first thing you notice about a deck! Let us help you chose a type that suits your home and landscape – and that ensures the safety of your family and friends.

Privacy: We can offer solutions to homeowners who want privacy and have close-by neighbors, including trellises and pergolas.

Comfort: A deck isn't going to get used when the sun is blistering hot or when it's raining. Ask us about roomy retractable awnings that provide protection from the elements without cluttering up the deck.


Trex is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality composite decking and fencing products. Combining innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility, Trex has created a complete line of long lasting, beautiful outdoor products that will make a fantastic addition to any home.

Composite Decking

Trex provides industry leading composite decking that includes several great benefits:

  • Maintenance free composite material
  • Three separate decking product lines
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Stairs, fascia, and accessories available

Install Trex Composite Decks and find out why Trex is the world's #1 decking brand.

AZEK began with a simple goal in mind - to offer a beautiful yet low-maintenance option for exterior trim. In business since 2001, AZEK has since built upon their success to offer some of the best looking, durable PVC trim options on the market.

AZEK® Building Product

AZEK® deck are 100% smarter than Wood™. These deck are designed to not just look appealing but to last.  AZEK® decks use the latest in materials to build decks that will endure and the company is devoted to innovative, high performance decking.

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